Are you starting your business this month?

Not sure where to start?

Feeling excited but a bit nervous & unsure about how you’re going to do it all?

I have created the course for you that I wish I had access to when I was beginning my entrepreneurial adventures.

The purpose of this course is to help you avoid the time, financial & legal detours I made when I started my own business.

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One mistake new business owners often make is focusing on details that are exciting (e.g. brand colors, logos, websites, etc.) while neglecting the less glamorous, but necessary foundational steps.

Time & money are valuable resources everyone wants to invest in wisely. Entrepreneurs have big audacious goals, that don’t include spending 2 or 3 times over to backtrack in order to catch up on necessary steps skipped in the beginning.

After completing The First 13 Steps for Starting Your Small Business you will:

  • Have a legally recognized business
  • Have completed the necessary requirements for moving to the higher level of developing your business (e.g. building business credit, access to business funding, etc)
  • Established routines that will support you with operating consistently as a business woman or man
  • Be ahead of the average new business owner

AND you will receive 3 surprise bonuses that will prepare you for moving to new levels in your business!

Client Testimonial

"This was such a great purchase! Prior to buying this document, I was so scattered in my research as I tried to figure the order in which things should be done. This document streamlined everything for me. Starting a business can be overwhelming, but not only did this document provide steps for starting out, it also provides resources and contacts. This is definitely an asset to have." 

– Sherry 

Client Testimonial

"If you're really serious about getting your small business set up right, The First 13 Steps for Starting Your Small Business is your best bet...I learned things that saved me time and money."

- Chad Scott

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